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 Medtech Alliance

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OHSU MedTech Alliance

This program creates collaboration by connecting OHSU innovators and technologies with investors and external industry to promote commercialization and entrepreneurship. 

How does MedTech Alliance work?

OHSU hosts meetings 1-2 times per year that are designed to showcase OHSU medical technologies and OHSU startup companies. Technology presentations will be geared towards MedTech Alliance members interested in exploring collaboration and/or licensing opportunities, while startup company presentations will be geared towards members interested in investment opportunities. To receive information about MedTech Alliance meetings, please sign up for our distribution list using the online form. Signing up requires no additional commitment but simply allows OHSU to effectively contact those interested in the MedTech Alliance program.

At any time, MedTech Alliance members can view existing technology opportunities via the TTBD Available Technologies web portal. This portal contains non-confidential summaries of technologies that are at various stages of development. TTBD adds to this portal regularly as new technologies emerge. Each summary contains details for the TTBD staff member who should be contacted for more information.

Where does MedTech Alliance content come from?


Who should participate in the MedTech Alliance Program?

Any industry representative or investor interested in OHSU medical technologies and startups should join the MedTech Alliance. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Business Development specialists at medical device, biotech, or pharmaceutical companies
  • Research & design directors at medical device, biotech, or pharmaceutical companies
  • Angel investors
  • Venture capitalists
  • Family fund investors
  • Industry scientists
  • Technology Scouts


How do I participate?

OHSU's MedTech Alliance program does not have a minimum requirement of participation. Industry and investor members can have varying levels of involvement, including (but not limited to):

  • Attending MedTech Alliance meetings
  • Reviewing technology opportunities and providing feedback
  • Developing an active collaboration
    • Sponsored research at OHSU
    • Co-development of a technology
    • Applying jointly for funding (e.g. STTR grant)
  • Licensing technology
  • Investing in OHSU startup companies

Participation Benefits

Participation in the MedTech Alliance program affords several advantages, including:

  • Automatic invitations to MedTech Alliance program meetings
  • Easy access to information about OHSU inventors, medical technologies, and startups



Please contact Andrew Hadd, TTBD Alliance Manager at .