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1-95012088What is MedTech Alliance?

OHSU's MedTech Alliance was founded by the Office of Technology Transfer & Business Development (TTBD) and the Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute (OCTRI). This program connects investor, industry, and community collaborators with OHSU inventors and OHSU medical technologies. OHSU has many innovative medical technology inventions in the device and diagnostic spaces. Some of these inventions would benefit from additional resources and support before they can be commercialized. The MedTech Alliance provides a mechanism for potential investor, industry, and community collaborators to identify OHSU medical technologies, including early stage technologies, which have a realistic chance for commercialization. The goal of the MedTech Alliance is to initiate collaborations and advance OHSU technologies.


How does the MedTech Alliance work?

OHSU hosts meetings 1-2 times per year that are designed to showcase OHSU technologies or OHSU startup companies to investor, industry, and community collaborators. OHSU inventors and representatives from OHSU startup companies can attend these meetings and present their technologies and/or companies. These meetings are designed to facilitate networking. As such, talks are brief (10 min + questions) and posters will be in "pitch" format (TTBD and OCTRI offer preparation support on this format). 

Non-confidential summaries of technologies can also be added to the Available Technologies web portal, which is easily-accessible and freely-available from the TTBD website. The non-confidential summaries will direct interested parties to a TTBD staff member, who can help OHSU inventors navigate interactions with industry, investor, or community collaborators.


Why should I share my technology on the Web Portal or present at an Event?

Participating OHSU technologies and companies have increased exposure to nationally and locally-based industry and investor collaborators, including:

  • Business development specialists at medical device, biotech, or pharmaceutical companies
  • Research &design directors at medical device, biotech, or pharmaceutical companies
  • Angel investors
  • Venture capitalists
  • Family fund investors

Your technologies can benefit from a number of commercialization opportunities, including the examples outlined below.

  • Forming relationships with experienced industry or investment professionals that can offer advice or guidance on the commercialization and/or startup formation process
  • Exposure and marketing for your technology in the broader medical device community
  • Developing an active collaboration with industry partners
    • Sponsored research funding
    • Co-development of a technology
    • Applying jointly for funding (e.g. STTR grant)
  • Licensing agreements
  • Investment in OHSU startup companies


How to Participate

For technologies that have been submitted to TTBD using the Technology Disclosure Form, please speak to your assigned Technology Development Manager (TDM) for more information about sharing your technology with the MedTech Alliance program. Your TDM can evaluate your technology for inclusion in this program and review with you the next steps for creating a non-confidential summary.


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