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"Joining T-RAP has been the highlight of my year! Our program is comprised of a small, tightly-knit group of motivated and incredibly talented individuals. The camaraderie between everyone is amazing; our volunteers get together outside of T-RAP to enjoy barbecues and holiday parties. The opportunities to available to this group are astounding. One of my favorite aspects of this program is that we are invited to attend rounds in the Trauma Intensive Care Unit, where we are encouraged to interact with and learn from medical students, residents, and attending physicians.  Trauma surgeons and residents participate in our journal club gatherings and biweekly group meetings, to provide us with feedback on our PowerPoint presentations.  They also host informative presentations for us on topics such as sepsis. As an aspiring doctor, I highly recommend this program... it is truly the best!" - Sarah Brown

“Trauma Research Associates Program has been a really great opportunity for me. This is not just a research program it also has clinical experience. Dr. Kiraly, Dr. Watters, and Dr. Malinoski give us the opportunity to join daily grounds, surgeries, Grand Rounds and Trauma Conference. Having this aspect gives this program a unique and one-of-a-kind perspective. Working along side two research assistants, Erika Simeon and Kim La Morticella, gives us another opportunity to see a different side of health care. Residents Kelly Fair and Alexis Moren also provide us, future students doctors, with great insight. Furthermore, the group of students have all come together to join forces and help each other out during this significant time in our lives. Being apart of this diverse group gives us a chance to see health care and research with a well-rounded view.” - Kelsey Franklin (2/28/2014)

"T-RAP has opened many doors for me since being accepted into the program. I've been able to obtain valuable clinical research experience that has propelled my interest in science further. Similarly, it's been a fun environment to work in; the people are great, everyone is able to participate, and we are just going to continue to grow as a team."- Kelsey Bestall (3/5/2014)

"The TRAP program has been one of the most instrumental experiences allowing me to further advance toward my career. For the first time I was able to spend countless hours within a hospital shadowing surgeons and trauma doctors in a wide variety of situations and critical decision making. This opportunity has allowed me to continue to develop my research skills while experiencing another aspect of the medical field and helping to reassure my decision toward medical school." - Amanda Graveson (3/5/2014)

"Through T-RAP I have learned a great deal about medicine, trauma intensive care inparticular. This knowledge has crystallized my desire to pursue medicine." - Andy Goodman (3/5/2014)

"T-RAP has been an incredible opportunity for me to see the direct connection between clinical research and its utilization; whether it be during ICU rounds or in the long-term data tracking of the patients in the ICU. Dr. Kiraly, Malinoski, Watters, and the residents have been incredibly supportive in their willingness to teach and mentor us as a group -- which has only further catalyzed my interest in medicine!" - Cody Gehring (3/5/2014)

"T-RAP has been everything I envisioned and more. The clinical access is unparalleled; I have seen procedures in the ICU, trauma admissions in the emergency department, and even watched surgeries in the OR! Combining this clinical experience with the chance to do innovative research was an added bonus, but what really makes this program special is the interaction between our tight-knit group of volunteers and the Trauma Critical Care physicians. Being able to see weekly presentations at conferences, to talk to the medical students and residents during rounds, and to ask questions of the attendings during meetings has been an extraordinary opportunity, and I have learned so much about medicine far beyond what I ever could have learned from a book. I could not have asked for a better experience." - Allyson Brown