A Prospective Registry of Complications in Critically Ill Trauma and Surgical Patients

Principal Investigator: Laszlo Kiraly, M.D.
Research Manager: Samantha Underwood, MS, CCRP
Study Dates: 2/24/2014 to Present

Study Description: Intensive care units (ICUs) provide treatment and monitoring for people in critically ill or unstable conditions. Hospitalization in the ICU may involve immobilization for several days, mechanical ventilation, or alternative forms of nutrition. Because of their serious diagnoses,  patients hospitalized in ICUs have an elevated risk of developing complications such as pneumonia, blood clots, and other infections. The purpose of this study is to reduce the risk of these serious complications.  In order to accomplish our goal, we collect data on patients admitted to the trauma and surgical ICUs at OHSU.  Patients are tracked on admission and then daily, for development of ICU complications and associated risk factors. We plan to retrospectively analyze the data to determine which factors may place patients at higher risks for ICU associated complications. The data for this research study will be stored in a secure database for use in future research studies aimed at reducing the risk of the aforementioned complications.

In addition to T-RAP, the Division of Trauma at OHSU has an active trauma research program.